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Clamshell Box Clutches  

We love these at FAN! 

A co-ordinating chain handle is included with every clamshell clutch - choice of lengths available.

All measurements are in cms. and are approximate.


No. 1439 £95

Lightly padded rich brown silky velvet outer covering. Shiny nickel frame and clasp. One teeny weeny Christmassy interior pocket.

15.5 x 10.5 x 6.5 245 g exc. chain


No. 1546                    £115

Soft fabric outer, black nickel frame and smart black bar clasp. Lined with red felt. Soft fabric hinges to keep contents safe when the box is opened.  Contents not included.

8 x 10 (exc. clasp) x 6.5

275g exc. chain


No. 1623                    £125

Unusual wedge-shaped box clutch.  Lightly padded fabric outer.  Lined with black felt, soft fabric hinges and an interior pocket.

23.5 x 8 x 11 h               360g exc. chain


No. 1267                    £85

Red wool fabric overlaid with black lace.  Softly padded for a luxurious feel.  Unusual black nickel frame and ball clasp.  Lined with black felt.

16 x 10 x 4.5               240 g exc. chain


No. 1550                    £115

Sweet pussy cat shape with gold colour frame and big ball clasp.  More pussy cats inside on the gussetted pocket and fabric hinges.

17 x 14 x 8.5

330g exc. chain

No. 1320                    £70

Raw silk outer, lightly padded, antique gold-colour frame.  Lined with red felt.  Small gussetted pocket inside.

14 x 9 x 6               210g exc. chain


No. 1269                   £95

Art Deco inspired with translucent devore overlay and unusually shaped shiny nickel frame.  Lined in black felt.

18 x 8 x 6.5              220 g exc. chain


No. 1551                    £115

Another sweet pussy cat shaped box clutch with nickel frame.  Lined with bright pink felt. Cat theme continues inside with a gussetted pocket and soft fabric hinges to keep contents safe when clutch is opened.

17 x 14 x 8.5

250g exc. chain


No.   1332               £95

Silk outer, lined in black felt with a tiny interior pocket.

25.5 x 9 x 5          300 g exc. chain


No. 1447                    £90

Softly padded animal-textured plush fabric outer with shiny silver nickel frame and clear acrylic bow-shaped clasp.  Lined with zingy orange felt.

18 x 10 x 7               255 g exc. chain


No.   1334               £95

Silk outer, lined in black felt with a tiny interior pocket.

20.5 x 8 x 6.5 h          280 g exc. chain


No. 1448                    £90

Softly padded cream napped fabric outer with antique gold coloured frame and clear acrylic bow-shaped clasp.  Lined with rich purple felt.

18 x 10 x 7               260 g exc. chain


No.   1333               £70

Raw silk outer, silver colour frame with unusual jewel effect clasp.   Lined in black felt with a teeny tiny gussetted pocket inside.

17.5 x 10.5 x 6          220 g exc. chain

No. 1547                    £80

Soft, silvery velvet outer covering, lightly padded.  Unusual brushed nickel frame and clasp.  Lined with purple felt.  Soft, pretty toning fabric hinges.

13.5 x 9 x 6               210 g exc. chain


No. 1443                    £115

Lightly padded cotton velvet outer with shiny nickel snap-top box frame and spiky clasp, lined with shocking pink felt.

18 x 10 (exc. clasp) x 7               410g exc. chain                         

No. 1442                    £110

Lightly padded plush covered outer.  Unusual shiny black nickel frame with crystal clasp.  Lined with red felt.

18 x 10 x 6 exc. clasp            270g exc. chain



1438                    £145

Lightly padded perforated leather outer with antique gold-colour snap-top box frame lined with matching felt.  Fabric hinges and matching interior pocket.

16 x 11 x 6            250g exc. chain

No. 1449                    £125

Lightly padded metallic leather outer, antique gold colour snap-top frame with diamante clasp, cotton lining with one tiny interior pocket.

13.5 x 9 x 6.5            230 g exc. chain


No. 1326 SOLD


No. 1626 a)                    £85

Smart square shape, shiny nickel frame with snap top closure. Black patent leather outer.  Fully lined with a small pocket inside and soft folding fabric hinges to keep contents safe when the case is opened.

13.75 x 13.75 x 3.5

250g exc. chain


No. 1626 d)                    £75

As no. 1626 a)  but with a black textured fabric finish.  There are tiny specks of sparkle in there which might not be visible on your screen.

No. 1626 c)                    £75

As nos.1626 a) and b) but with a hologram finish which shows rainbow colours when moved.  Lined in black felt with hologram pocket inside.