Beautiful bags individually designed and made just for you

Image Juliet Sheath

Image Juliet Sheath

Look inside one of our bags and find out what makes them so special.  At FAN it’s all about the linings.  We are fascinated by the secret world inside a bag and we delight in giving all our bags lovely interiors to make them a joy to use.  Sometimes witty, often unusual and always gorgeous, the fabric you choose – and, yes, you can choose –  says so much about you.

We have a huge range of fabrics which can line your bag to make it extra special.  They can be selected to tone or contrast with the exterior of the bag and could be made more personal by choosing a theme which is close to the owner’s heart.  Whatever your passion, from music to marathon running, from cacti to cocktails, from film to firemen or from bunny rabbits to bare-chested builders, we will find a fabric to suit you.  Just ask.

And, of course, this is why our bags make such wonderful gifts.  They’re the perfect solution for the difficult-to-buy-for person because they haven’t got a FAN bag.  Not yet.  You know what they like.  Surprise them. 

You can peep inside a few which have been given as presents here.