Beautiful bags individually designed and made just for you


My name is Marion Hayward.  FAN is my label.  I make bags.

Working from a tiny Aladdin’s cave of a studio in South London, surrounded by my fabric and leather finds, and with the help of my young assistant, I make a variety of bags.  Many many bags.

I have always enjoyed making.  It’s in my blood.  Both my parents were keen crafters and whilst researching my family tree some years ago I found a shoemaker, a milliner, a straw bonnet maker* and many generations of Huguenot silk weavers.  

With such a rich artisan heritage I am very fortunate now to be able to devote much of my time to developing this passion.

As the creative director of FAN I am constantly finding inspiration in the fabrics and leathers themselves and delight in searching out fresh supplies and devising unusual ways to use them.

Thus the FAN collection is constantly evolving.  To keep in touch with our latest ideas and for news about upcoming events please subscribe via the pink form below.

* I hear that the market for straw bonnets has dwindled of late so we concentrate our efforts solely on bags.